The Background

Seashaken is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) project between the Fishing Vessel Sea Miner of Sitka, AK and Beneficial Farm CSA of Santa Fe. In 2013, Dylan Hitchcock-Lopez started discussions with Thomas Swendson of BFCSA about a passion project he wanted to develop: A business directly linking his family’s fishing boat to the quality-conscious consumers in New Mexico. Dylan, a 2nd generation Alaskan fisherman, is a graduate of St. John’s College of Santa Fe. In his time in New Mexico he experienced first-hand the seafood options available in the area and realized there was a niche for the kind of salmon his family supplied. This started the partnership with Beneficial Farm CSA, a Community Supported Agriculture organization that for the past 20 years has been bringing the highest quality, locally grown food to New Mexico families. Through the support of BF’s members, the CSF continued to grow; gaining the support of some of Santa Fe’s acclaimed chefs. Our superior quality, sustainable fishing practices, direct supply chain, and competitive pricing have helped our small dream become an established supplier of salmon to some of the most praised restaurants in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

The Fish

The F/V Sea Miner specializes in Coho Salmon, their largest catch of the season. The boat is a trawler, a hook-and-line fishing technique that targets specific fish species, reducing the amount of damaging bycatch and affording a great deal of care to each fish brought onboard.

The fish are headed, gutted, pressure bled, and blast frozen at -30 F within forty minutes of leaving the water. Pressure bleeding is a method of vascular evacuation in which water is directed into the aorta, running through the circulatory system of the fish and out the vena cava. This effectively removes the blood, the prime location for bacterial growth, extending shelf life and preserving flavor. After the core temperature of our fish is stable we glaze them in a sterile saltwater brine. This glaze prevents freezer burn and acts as a cryogenic chamber which protects the cell structure of the meat from damage until it is thawed and prepared.

The F/V Sea Miner specializes in Coho salmon, with short seasonal fisheries for King salmon and Lingcod depending on market demand. We have been awarded an experimental fishing license for various species of rockfish to assess the fishery’s viability. We plan to grow our program and establish a direct relationship with a few other fishermen that maintain our high standards of sustainable fishing practices, but harvest other varieties of seafood, in order to provide Spot Prawns, Halibut, Black and Pacific Cod, black bass, and Dungeness crab (among others) to our markets in New Mexico. The best of the North Pacific, with fisherman that employ the strictest of sustainable fishing practices, direct to New Mexico families.

The only way it could get any fresher is to get your own pole. Add the healthy benefits of fish to your diet.

Beneficial Farms CSA offers a 4-pack of Seashaken, wild Alaskan line caught Coho salmon. $15 deposit, final weight will reflect adjusted cost to accounts @ $10.99/lb

We have Whole Coho Salmon avalible also at a bargain of $9/lb, ranging from 4-6lbs. Get the most for your money by buying a whole fish. For large holiday dinners, a whole fish is perfect, or you can cut it with a saw while frozen to portion your meals. Whole salmon can also be fillet to smoke or make gravlax! Check our

Please allow at Least 12-24 hrs of time to rest after defrosting, peak quality is on the 3rd day after defrosting.

Our fish is processed so quickly after leaving the ocean that the meat has not gone through rigor mortis (the natural chemical process after death) yet, and thus needs a little time to rest.

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Thursday Deliveries are made in Santa Fe, Eldorado and the Turquoise Trail, between 12pm – 6pm
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