Additional Share Options

We offer beef, cheese and egg shares, to keep your kitchen regularly stocked with what you use the most.


Grass fed beef. Free range chicken. Fresh eggs. Artisanal cheeses. It can’t get any better than this.

Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Ground Beef (1lb) $7/wk
Receive a 1-pound package of ground beef or lean ground beef from grass-fed and grass-finished, locally raised steers.

Egg Share (1 dozen per share) $7/wk
We work with local farmer to raise high-quality eggs from free-range chickens


Weekly Cheese Share $12/wk
Each week you will receive a portion of cheese, or for the family cheese share 3 portions, of locally made Artisanal cheeses from pasture feed Ayrshire cows and goats. Variations may include raw Ayshire jack, soft goat cheese, cheddar, asiago, feta, Muenster, Gouda, smoked Edam, provolone and others.

Friday evening/ Saturday afternoon, Members receive weekly email with details about the produce share for the week
Monday Noon is the cut off for marketplace orders, substitutions or cancellations

Then our farmers begin harvesting your shares of the week's bounty!

Thursday Deliveries are made in Santa Fe, Eldorado and the Turquoise Trail, between 12pm – 6pm
Fridays Deliveries are made in Albuquerque