What is a CSA?
Community Supported Agriculture is a system where members pre-pay for weekly shares of fresh vegetables and fruits, which provides ongoing support for local farmers. The CSA concept started in New England in the 1980’s as a single farm supporting a community and has grown into multiple farms and more variety.

How many people is a share good for?
It depends on your eating patterns – If you eat a lot of vegetables, one person can use a whole share; during the summer months when produce is most plentiful, it is a good strategy to freeze veggies either plain or in soups and stews which extends the local summer harvest through the winter. We offer tips on food preparation and preservation at distribution and on our blog. Many of our members are couples or small families. You can also arrange to share with a neighbor or friend and either split each week’s share or pick up on alternate weeks.

Who is a good candidate for becoming a member of a CSA?
A happy CSA member loves to cook, is adventurous with food, enjoys eating with the seasons and being part of a community that supports regional farmers who use sustainable and chemical free methods.

I used to belong to a CSA and was disappointed by the lack of variety.  How do you address this?
Beneficial Farms CSA started with one farm - Mesa Top Farm on Glorieta Mesa, near Santa Fe. We now work with 40 regional farms. Every we work to have unique share, even though our options are limited in the winter. During our peak production, we rotate through our farmer's crops much as we can. During the winter, we incorporate some regionally grown produce, frozen and jammed foods and dried crops. You are welcome to request a substitution to your share if you would prefer something else from the weekly produce harvest.

I am used to signing up for a period of time like six months. How is this system different?
Your Farm Account can be used for additional local food such as eggs, cheese, meat and grains through our Marketplace. These additional charges will come out of your Farm Account. We will notify you by when your Farm Account needs to be recharged.

What is the minimum amount I can put in my Farm Account to start my weekly shares?
It is most advantages to the farmers and the CSA to pay at the $300, $650, or $1225 levels. If you pay $650 or more the CSA will give you $50 as a thank you. You can start your membership with $150 and an automatic payment plan.

What if I need to skip a week or more?
You must notify us by email at shares@beneficialfarm.com and we will hold your share for the time you are gone.

What happens if I do not pickup my share?
Your farm account will be charged and your food will be donated to Food Depot.

What if I do not like something that is in the weekly share?
Email or call us with substitution requests and we will do our best to customize the share to your needs while balancing the value of the foods.

Friday evening/ Saturday afternoon, Members receive weekly email with details about the produce share for the week
Monday Noon is the cut off for marketplace orders, substitutions or cancellations

Then our farmers begin harvesting your shares of the week's bounty!

Thursday Deliveries are made in Santa Fe, Eldorado and the Turquoise Trail, between 12pm – 6pm
Fridays Deliveries are made in Albuquerque