Pasture Raised Pork


The Background

Polk’s Folly is a 40-acre family farm located in the eastern foothills of the Sandia Mountains. Our family originally purchased the property in 1976 and converted it from an abandoned and derelict kids summer camp into a horse ranch. In 2015, we began planting fruit trees and working towards establishing a diversified, sustainable farm. In 2016, we forayed into raising animals for protein, bringing the land back into production after almost a decade of rest. Our vision is to provide health and happiness to our community through the production of nutritious, delicious food, delectable libations, natural healing products and holistic healing arts. We believe that food is the best medicine. But since we lack the water resources and the climatic conditions necessary to grow annual food crops, we have chosen to pursue a model based on deep rooted perennial plants (trees and drought resistant perennial pasture grasses) and animals that feed on them. In 2017, we are delighted to be able to partner with Beneficial Farms and other local food retailers to make our pastured pork more widely available.

All Natural, Pastured Pork

Happiness and health begins with the soil. Our pigs are given access to fresh pasture all throughout the growing season, and during the winter are busy rooting away in designated areas to till and fertilize the fields in preparation for spring planting. Pasture grass is supplemented with malted barley from local breweries, fruits and vegetables from local grocers, milk, and the occasional treat of bread and pastries. Besides keeping the pigs happy, this also allows us to add organic matter to the soil. Together with careful grazing management, this allows us to build fertility and water absorption capacity in the ground, increasing the ability of the land to store water and weather drought as well as the number of animals the pastures can support. The symbiotic relationship between the pigs and the pasture is part and parcel of raising happy, all natural hogs.  The soil is continually fed and renewed while simultaneously providing the hogs with protein, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients not found in store bought feed. It also gives them an opportunity to express their ‘pigginess’ in a way that is not possible in a dirt lot or a confined animal feeding operation.  Consequently, the meat they produce is unparalleled in quality, taste, and nutritional value.

Heritage Breeds

The quality of the meat depends not only on the quality of the feed that the pigs receive, but also on the type of pig. We raise all heritage breed hogs. Some of our favorites are the Red Wattles, a very rare breed that maintains some more primitive traits such as the dangling appendages on the jaw line from which they got their name, a tendency to root, wallow, and play, and a dark and well marbled meat unlike anything you've ever tasted. For our breeding boar, we have a pure blooded Duroc, a close cousin of the Wattles and equally known for the quality of its pork, but bringing the added benefit of cross-breed vigor that helps ensure healthy and genetically sound pigs. Lastly, we have acquired several Mangalitsas, the ‘Kobe Beef of pork’. This famed breed, once thought to be extinct, hails from the Carpathian Mountains and is world renowned for their delectably deliciously crisp and light lard, and perhaps more so for their thick layer of hair that earned them the nickname 'sheep pigs'!


Federal law requires that all meat processed for resale go to a USDA inspected facility to be slaughtered under the eye of a federal inspector. Luckily the only such facility in New Mexico is only 45 minutes away in the neighboring town of Moriarty. After slaughter, the meat is left to hang in a cooler for over a week, allowing it to tenderize, before being butchered and packaged.


On hot summer days, they need a little swimming hole (called a wallow) to keep cool. And some days so do we! Our pigs may very well live better than many people. Daily exercise, a healthy diet with lots of variety and tons of greens, lots of scratching behind the ears and back massages, we even occasionally give them beer!!


Sometimes I am not sure if our dogs think they are pigs or if the pigs think they are dogs. But one nice thing about pigs is that they are tough and fearless. Little to fear from dogs and other small predators. One of our sows will even stand down a full-grown cow!


A variety of amazing cuts of our pork are available on the marketplace. Availability will depend on the popularity of items, and the timing of our processing of hogs.


Friday evening/ Saturday afternoon, Members receive weekly email with details about the produce share for the week
Monday Noon is the cut off for marketplace orders, substitutions or cancellations

Then our farmers begin harvesting your shares of the week's bounty!

Thursday Deliveries are made in Santa Fe, Eldorado and the Turquoise Trail, between 12pm – 6pm
Fridays Deliveries are made in Albuquerque