Know your Farmers


Beneficial Farms CSA works with many small farmers in the southwest region which helps us provide a diverse, year-round program, even in Northern New Mexico's four-season climate. All of our farmers use sustainable farming methods, pesticide free growing and some are certified organic.

Below are some of our growers.


Mesa Top Farm, the founding farm of the CSA, is run by the Warshawer/Agard/Swendson family. Mesa Top is a biodynamic farm in Glorieta Mesa, just Southeast of Santa Fe.

Frisco Farm

Kyle and Meggie - Frisco Farm
Frisco Tilling with Horses

Talon de Gato


Jubilee Farm

Farm to Table Photographic Workshop

We work with local farmers throughout the state, who raise crops without pesticides, in keeping with Organic practices though they may not be certified. Many farmer relationships are decades old, from the founding of our CSA in 1994, and some are new farmers we are just establishing a partnership with, but all are held to the same standard practices. We have a personal relationship with all of our farmers, and as farmers, know a thing or two about what it takes to ensure the crops are raised to their highest quality.

Our ability to run a CSA year-round is with invaluable partners down in Southern NM who have more favorable winters and greenhouses, in combination with our other farmer’s storable harvests like winter squash. During the height of growing season, we keep things a bit closer to home, we part of it is literally from home, as our family produces some of the CSA produce. We work with growers in Santa Fe, Albuquerque and northern NM for a variety of crops, trying to keep our shares changes weekly by crop and alternating farms as needed. 

We hold our farmers in the highest regard; they are stewards of the land and dedicate their lives to summon forth and nurture the growth of foods that sustain the lives of hundreds of families in our community, which deserves our upmost gratitude and respect. With our close ties to our farmers, we are charged with telling their story and representing their hard work as best as we are able. As we visit their farm’s at least once a year, if not once a week, we act on our member’s behalf to ensure that these crops are raised without pesticides and that the farmer is making every effort to ensure their food is wholesome for our families as well as theirs. 

On occasion, we have had members raise concern about a farmer’s practices. We never take these lightly, both for the members of our CSA, and the integrity of our farmer. The few times this has happened, it was a misunderstand or rumor, but we always follow up to the best of our abilities. The reputation of our farmers, needs of our members and the standards we set for our food are our core foundations of our efforts. 

Friday evening/ Saturday afternoon, Members receive weekly email with details about the produce share for the week
Monday Noon is the cut off for marketplace orders, substitutions or cancellations

Then our farmers begin harvesting your shares of the week's bounty!

Thursday Deliveries are made in Santa Fe, Eldorado and the Turquoise Trail, between 12pm – 6pm
Fridays Deliveries are made in Albuquerque